Monday, 14 November 2011

Winter Homecoming

A chill is finally in the air, begins are the old habits. Parents make their children downy and old folks gather around the flickering fire, narrating tales of their own so much in such details. The smell of smoke with the echoes of the elderly sounds brings pure joy, more warmth in the air-what a wonderful feeling!. The birds are in the sky going to a suitable place, searching for a new home singing good riddance for now, thus welcoming the classic winter for its homecoming.
The dawn is slowly breaking; some neighbors are going home and some friends have gone home too .But, I will be here waiting, hoping for joy and lighting the neighborhood. The year’s hard-works are ending; its time to take rest from the hectics of life, materials and the season has just arrived to heal all things that are tiring, sorrowful and all tears of foretaste of rapture to come. For, the winds of Celebrations have arrived to remind us of all great things in life that are nothing but pure and divine.  Let us all come together in songs of joy and harmony, lets forget sadness for a moment; gather around, warm ourselves in the fire place, Peace and goodwill be with everyone.
Happy Winter
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Silent Broken

A chance to hear your voice again,
Always longing behind the walls.
silence is what i hear,
Yet the walls are sounding.
Laying in repose,
Yet heart's pounding.
sees your face in the crowd,
Hoping it is you-what a shame!
All i have but bitter sweet memories,
Is what i taste.
Only in hope I endure,
And only the wind knows.
Dear wind, tell my beloved what you hear.

Draconian sympathizer

The fear of power is the beginning of all riots-this is what is analogous to AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) and its entirety, applied to North Eastern states and J&K. A special Political creation for special people?  Why can’t there be other solution that might just elaborate the emotional needs of a one that is called as a citizen? I am sure there is definitely a different solution to the situations what is blatantly referred to as ‘unrest or instability in the states’; all I see is more unrest and instability after AFSPA incorporation. Even before life takes away innocence, many innocents are killed just out of curiosity that he/she may be ‘Dangerous’ and all because of Power, to safeguard Power itself.
Well, to safeguard power is one but, for what?
To be more powerful?
Against whom?
I want to live a life with no fear for another being and sit about anywhere I wanted to without being asked any questions. I am a citizen and I love to be one.
People trust Power and the knowledge that it can do good for us; but in the perspective of AFSPA, are we missing something? I am not sure but We trust and obey. What more, than FEAR.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Beautiful Corpse!

Am not crazy thus far if one reads the title, it’s a little noxious term for something that is pitiful. But let me tell you something about me and my feelings which many have came across and many will most definitely in the futuristic time.
Changes are impeccable at any moment and particularly those changes that arrives with a void after a close friend or family leaves us for eternity. I don’t like changes for sure and I pray it won’t come for whatever reason, but that’s just a wish and not a conclusion.  Well about ‘Beautiful Corpse’- a lifeless figure of one that is close enough to tremble our world. It’s not a corpse after all or I don’t want to say it that way. But whatever it is, well it’s not coming back ever again and all that is left is memories; sweeter the memories, harder to accept the lost. All that I would wish is that I hadn’t seen any and I hadn’t known any.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Golden Twilight

Would this span of celestial watch ever reverberate?
Heard it will.
I will walk this life ever hoping that there is still a sunny side to the darker allegory of undeniable  misery flocking the air around. Hope!

Look! What an inspiration!
Such details of exemplification we don’t get to see everyday; 
A painted portrait for stricken heart, commence for healing.
What an absorption to this splendor watch; How I thank myself for being timely!

What total silence, yet lots of cries…Listen!
 I listened intensely to this strange, strong revelation yet soft one;
What I hear? Cries; what I saw? Life and Hope! 
That, along the road to this journey and its toils, some moment harsh and dark;
There certainly is a sunny side of absolute dominion that will always be sunny,
spreading rays of Hope to mankind.

This Golden Twilight, what a thrill! Yet soft!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dzukou Valley- Crafted Gift.


How do we react as to when someone is gifting us?, it is a matter of pure joy and thrill excitement surrendered to nothing but to an exultant jiffy-that is how, me and my fellow Nagas sings the joy over the beauty of Dzukou valley, a sheer beauty; flawless. want to see it? Need to climb the mountains to see what is called as "A Gift to the Nagas, crafted by Almighty's own hand", just 30 km from Kohima, capital of Nagaland. stretched over miles and miles, covered in the essence of nature's 'sons and  daughters' of various, as if God has walked the valley all for us. Dzukou Valley, nonetheless a tourist attraction and a great spot, there has been a considerable flaws not in its beauty but one that is political in nature-border issue with neighboring states. But such issues and matters hardly are a ping to us or to anyone, for this valley of incredible beauty cures it all;and to think of it even brings flashes of mystic scenery that makes you belief that its nothing but heaven;and to see it is, O My God! Thank You Lord and dead silence, no more no less. Words seems not enough to describe what God has given to us. I believe it is not to be described or to exemplify,but to be seen and photograph the memory that will surely be a blessing to a mortal who dwells in the Love of Almighty. There is no mortal caretaker to look after the valley, but our faith lies in Almighty's will and all explanation unto Him that He will tender in His own care for our joy. For, there is much more than to this gift of nature, there is a Love-God's greatest gift to mankind. Dzokou valley, indeed is a beauty that, maybe God did spread His loving Hands over this valley which is now called Dzukou!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

My October!

              Every first October of my triumph living, i wish myself a 'Happy October' to myself as if such is a victory proclamation. Funny that its silly yet i am perplexed quite a pinch bit to why i do that! and more funnier that i don't celebrate my birthday-given that its in October, but please its not that i was born in October that made me inclined to it so much emotionally and a little harsh to other incredible months. There isn't any difference other than some being 30th and 31st and February of course ;but like i said, Emotionally. It is this emotion that keeps me strong and alive i must say; and in October much stronger? I believe so. Nothing breaks me or deflects me from my course here-it is my gift from nature!, at-least for my own self. 
               The reason of my 'My October' being a little arbitrary in context that i am not very sure in explanation to the whys of my liking, if not in the nature of seasonal; but October indeed is a change by nature-A little dry, a little chill, a little rain and a breezy breeze!, which might stand as a personification of myself (If you know me), and if you don't , well i am that (May be). Having said that i will be strong (more stronger) in all my persona perspective this month, wish me luck for i am just a humble follower of nature who protects me and not necessarily for me alone. Look up and down the horizon, feel the air, feel the beauty, take a deep breadth and Happy October !.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Monumental Mistake?

As i live and live, i think i am unable to differentiate between Want and Need!. I understand the very meaning of both literally however deep, but the matter of the fact is not knowing the words and its entities but of understanding the nature and utilizing them, pragmatic. But the fact is the problem-the problem of what want is?and what need is?. what are they actually?. My unorthodox brain will say exactly what dictionary says and the actual confusion begins when my influential, crazy heart says something very different. How i wish we have only brain and not heart. Its worst then defining LOVE. I mean we can express love in words if we could or if we want but wants and needs is not about expression i believe; may be its about giving and receiving (exactly-'may be')., because there is loss coming when we mistake want for a need and vice-verse. The worst is again, that you can't tell me what i want and what i need, you could convince me though- you see crazy heart!, which eventually could be a mistake; and regrets?, I imagine not. I understand, i NEED food for my survival, so i ate! but i WANT to eat more-more than i need it-that is what my heart says and funny that my heart doesn't listen to my wannabe scientist brain or whatever;and ME?, i listen to my heart because somebody said, "Listen to your heart"!. So, I ate again and what-else?, overeating?.
Now, this is just a small, funny, already available mistake which is not a horrendous but lots are coming and more to live-by Gods grace ofcourse. I don't want to live a life with regrets no matter how big or small, there is no ratings in making mistakes (Imagine 3 out of 10 for your mistake!), foolish. If i am a lonely dweller, dwelling in this confusion, i must have to do something for myself profoundly-check myself. But, as i go i think have just one back- up option-Make people happy!. I don't want standing ovation for my mistake that could be a monumental for a life long regrets. What else could i do? other than making others happy because, as for now i have no other option and I am not a 'Bad Guy'.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

First Dawn

Interesting, last time it was raining spontaneous here in Kohima-actually it does very often here, I weren’t that happy but sluggish and life seemed stagnant with just the opposite of what rain does naturally.
It’s a cliché for us.
But today there was something of an experience that was beyond being old and wise and just the converse of other rainy days that sends me to unexplained exasperation-an experience of unmatched value for an old life that benchmarks for a new beginning of understanding nature and impressing it for a change. All for us.
Raining like any other days it was and who knows I wanted to feel the water so much; stepping out the door, suddenly the fresh droplets splashing my face with such impress that I felt ‘This Rain’ was for me.
Drenched in the rain, the breezy wind clenching my skin, refreshing me with new thoughts why I have missed the beauty then?. This new creation of thoughts made me happy all of a sudden that will definitely endorse my life to a new sense of triumph feeling in the futuristic time; and given that this rain will come again another day! This is my First Dawn. I have nothing to give but all to take.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bind To Memory

Beneath my own thoughts,
Lay my own memories,
That rests my life.
So intense, that it halts my world.
Where do I rest my ravished heart?

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Perpetual Motion

Of all, time seems to flow at unimaginable rate, yet our life animates slowly to our surprise. Everyone seems hectic everyday trying to figure out why everyone is so busy. I must say survival and competition has become our role rather than a role for us.
There’s nothing in our life here on earth, other than people-us and we.
We are living for one another, agree or not; not necessarily so but yes we are. It’s a chain reaction credited by unfathomable circumstances that defines our Life after all.

People, people more people;
Life, life more lives;
Yet slow.

This journey of life seems harsh and rude for some and gentle for others-we are all but different.
Some has all the gifts to enjoy luxury; some to produce that luxury; some to take care of; some the gift to love; some to suffer and so on; but what we need at all is the gift of endurance, to endure everything good or worse. We understand we are all different with different gifts-wish we found these gifts.

More to live more to endure.  Am not sure if we all have this gift but surely we all can learn.