Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Draconian sympathizer

The fear of power is the beginning of all riots-this is what is analogous to AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) and its entirety, applied to North Eastern states and J&K. A special Political creation for special people?  Why can’t there be other solution that might just elaborate the emotional needs of a one that is called as a citizen? I am sure there is definitely a different solution to the situations what is blatantly referred to as ‘unrest or instability in the states’; all I see is more unrest and instability after AFSPA incorporation. Even before life takes away innocence, many innocents are killed just out of curiosity that he/she may be ‘Dangerous’ and all because of Power, to safeguard Power itself.
Well, to safeguard power is one but, for what?
To be more powerful?
Against whom?
I want to live a life with no fear for another being and sit about anywhere I wanted to without being asked any questions. I am a citizen and I love to be one.
People trust Power and the knowledge that it can do good for us; but in the perspective of AFSPA, are we missing something? I am not sure but We trust and obey. What more, than FEAR.

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