Friday, 30 March 2012

God is still on time

Looks can be deceiving and faith can be tiring. I trust God as much as I trust myself, may be because I don’t lose anything by trusting Him?-this is my mind telling me as I write. It’s a shame, but I’ll recover anyway. Humans are really annoying, we are annoying. We know God is just, so is our attitude toward Him and the rest of six billion humans-what they think of you doesn’t really matter. And it should not really matter as well.  In today’s world, trust is a technical term. Our trust toward others has become a mere retrospective of our experience that once we had, basing on it we decide whom to trust. One is simply intimidated less he lends in trouble in the already biased life of his. As you read, you are thinking at this point-what rubbish! I know. But let me tell you, I really don’t think much in the decision-making about whom to trust. It’s a free will. Just give out. You would never know the results of any if you didn’t start at all! The initial cost of trusting others is zero; you need nothing but ‘you’ alone and who says that we will always be triumph at all time- if you are thinking so then ‘rubbish’ is the word now, have it.

You lose nothing as well as you gain nothing. If you are anticipating returns, then, trust is not the correct term, business is; and in business you lose and gain too. Yes, everything is about and has become business. There is little or no space for humanity, it is vanishing. Trust has become obsolete in the larger aspect. But, there is sunny side if we look insight of us; after all we are not that bad in person. Of course we are not, remember, God made us in His own image! Even if you want to rejoice like a punk who boast to be a villain in delusional escapade, you are not bad a person-acknowledge that please. Much to our surprise, trusting others fervently does not end well sometimes, this is when forgiveness comes. Remember, forgiveness is a gift to your-self, not to others. But, what happens when we hope in trust?  This time, it is not of humans but of God. When the world crushes you in, you are fighting a battle of fear and you’ve cried to God, ‘I need you now’, but He has not appeared; don’t be discouraged at all, God is the same. May be it is you and I that is hammering our own path. God is still on time and always will be. God knows when we be rescued, in the mean time He is rescuing others so, lets just wait in trust, He will come for sure.

But, our job is not done yet. Where is our trust, our time for others? I must say again, we are annoying. We want to be rescued by God because He is our only hope, for we have built no trust to anyone that someday we could rely on-not that we trust others to be rescued, an investment sort. Lets be clear with the principle-Energy can neither be created not be destroyed… the world hates you because you hate them-give and take. The energy we used to malign ultimately comes back to us. It’s our mistake, human mistake. And please, time is running out, high time (or the time is gone) to built your trust genuinely so that, you start well to end well. Let’s not just await God’s blessing; God will only provide what we provide. Illusion will never happen. We even buy blessings you know that. Help yourself for the time being. Things do not really contribute to our timely wants and needs when it comes down to God, even if we were always the ‘good guys’; Don’t be discouraged, God is still on time to raise your salary or anything that matters. But, time is far more phenomenon than any. So, timely adjust your belt while you take a ride and trust.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Beauty Of Two

         God obviously didn’t create Eve only later just for fun or to surprise Adam after a long wait. He knew that only one is no good for sure. God created all things for Adam to cherish, embrace and rejoice in it but whom to express with?
The expression of love is now complete through a connection of two by Eve; the expression of God’s divine Love and the Adam’s own love to Eve- never heard their love story though.
This is of-course just my opinion, but certainly and surely there is a principle of connectivity in this; one that is valid to any kind of relationship.
Imagine a life of bitter-sweet no matter how harsh or a happy one without actually having anyone to share with. The thought is irrelevant, as such is hardly an issue. But there are moments in our life that we must consider for a retrospective ruling of our own. Moments will arrive for sure. I have no rulings, neither any potion to suddenly create an illusion partner out of nowhere to start the sharing but needless to say, this is just my thought and may sound detrimental to some who hasn’t yet conform to such times. But, I recall, the idea of ‘one and one’ makes a simple singly two is 
amicably beautiful in sound, in soul.
Our life is never complete without the ‘third person’ as in grammar. It’s all about loneliness and friendliness, many of us has both but the later is not desired for obvious reasons. Staying in both or otherwise stagnated in between is worse again. Two is good, so choosing rather helps. But it is just not that easy like we say it. The battle isn’t finished yet, the bug doesn’t stop there and the course of battle seems to change in a split second with unrelenting millions of circumstances paving the path of our life-the trouble begins. But, lets leave it for the future itself; farer future.
Two is better, I mean why not two instead of one! This is analogy of relationships, not meaning figuratively or cash wise. The former sounds good but the later in terms of population is exhausting; not that one cannot have friends more than two-rubbish: or there is no good reason that one should marry to more than two-again rubbish. The examples are overwhelming and overflowing and it seems I am deviating from the topic itself. Please retain your wisdom for the best. All I want to stress was that, life seems fun, secured for a ‘two’ and the beauty of possessing the quality of sharing whole heartedly with one another is simply godliness as well as goodliness if done in cleanliness!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Finding Hope

Yet again, another year has arrived and little did we know how much we have wasted good real times. Some have had fun times, being responsible in their own field of course. For some, this past year had been nothing fertile but just a passing. A wasted past. Discouragement not intended, however, what a lost! I presume if one simply couldn’t remember a day or two of useful times. By useful times I mean those times of the year where one spend searching for happiness in the eyes of thousands lives without jeopardizing other’s same. This is where one is happy; happiness is where we find it, hardly where we seek it and if we had a day without being hurt or without hurting anyone; no loss; no regrets; what a great awesome day we’ve had!!. It’s all about happiness, though what harsher times we have to spend searching for the same. Erstwhile, let our spirit be enlightened in Hope.
Like any other January first’s of the year, a fasting ceremony begins our year- A tradition followed by many Christian families. Here, one cleanses their sins of the past; bestowing forgiveness and asking the same if one had any. With absolute purity one need to enter the year. So, decidedly, I and my family prepare ourselves for the best all for the new coming. We are not fanatical or any of that entities; we are simply a believer. Good things are what we are taught and good things we learn no matter if we believe or not- It’s a personal choice. But, we appreciate the source for all the goodness.
By this ceremony, we prepares our heart to be humble and more phenomenon, it’s a fervent request to our creator to establish our life in deliverance; to open a path of prosperity and that, this new course of time be passed in an ambient of pure joy and happiness. This is the first step where we build our Hope. Hope is where our faith lies and in faith, we often are triumphant no matter if results are as we have expected.
Many would say that Hope is for the weak but, I beg to differ from the many; Hope, definitely won’t bring any fortune of illusion, neither hope brings miracle. Hope, which I believe, is a state of mind and heart; Hope humbles ones heart. In humbleness, we stand pure to all evil and knowing mistakes are hardly committed. Hope brings satisfaction into us, enlightening our spirit and we begin there for a new start. While in hope, we preserve the quality of humility- what can we seek for more!
A big part of cultivating Hope is learning to love each other inspite of expectations that aren’t met. In the greatest part on my life, I had spent hoping for the best and still, in Hope I Hope.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Winter Homecoming

A chill is finally in the air, begins are the old habits. Parents make their children downy and old folks gather around the flickering fire, narrating tales of their own so much in such details. The smell of smoke with the echoes of the elderly sounds brings pure joy, more warmth in the air-what a wonderful feeling!. The birds are in the sky going to a suitable place, searching for a new home singing good riddance for now, thus welcoming the classic winter for its homecoming.
The dawn is slowly breaking; some neighbors are going home and some friends have gone home too .But, I will be here waiting, hoping for joy and lighting the neighborhood. The year’s hard-works are ending; its time to take rest from the hectics of life, materials and the season has just arrived to heal all things that are tiring, sorrowful and all tears of foretaste of rapture to come. For, the winds of Celebrations have arrived to remind us of all great things in life that are nothing but pure and divine.  Let us all come together in songs of joy and harmony, lets forget sadness for a moment; gather around, warm ourselves in the fire place, Peace and goodwill be with everyone.
Happy Winter
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Silent Broken

A chance to hear your voice again,
Always longing behind the walls.
silence is what i hear,
Yet the walls are sounding.
Laying in repose,
Yet heart's pounding.
sees your face in the crowd,
Hoping it is you-what a shame!
All i have but bitter sweet memories,
Is what i taste.
Only in hope I endure,
And only the wind knows.
Dear wind, tell my beloved what you hear.

Draconian sympathizer

The fear of power is the beginning of all riots-this is what is analogous to AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) and its entirety, applied to North Eastern states and J&K. A special Political creation for special people?  Why can’t there be other solution that might just elaborate the emotional needs of a one that is called as a citizen? I am sure there is definitely a different solution to the situations what is blatantly referred to as ‘unrest or instability in the states’; all I see is more unrest and instability after AFSPA incorporation. Even before life takes away innocence, many innocents are killed just out of curiosity that he/she may be ‘Dangerous’ and all because of Power, to safeguard Power itself.
Well, to safeguard power is one but, for what?
To be more powerful?
Against whom?
I want to live a life with no fear for another being and sit about anywhere I wanted to without being asked any questions. I am a citizen and I love to be one.
People trust Power and the knowledge that it can do good for us; but in the perspective of AFSPA, are we missing something? I am not sure but We trust and obey. What more, than FEAR.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Beautiful Corpse!

Am not crazy thus far if one reads the title, it’s a little noxious term for something that is pitiful. But let me tell you something about me and my feelings which many have came across and many will most definitely in the futuristic time.
Changes are impeccable at any moment and particularly those changes that arrives with a void after a close friend or family leaves us for eternity. I don’t like changes for sure and I pray it won’t come for whatever reason, but that’s just a wish and not a conclusion.  Well about ‘Beautiful Corpse’- a lifeless figure of one that is close enough to tremble our world. It’s not a corpse after all or I don’t want to say it that way. But whatever it is, well it’s not coming back ever again and all that is left is memories; sweeter the memories, harder to accept the lost. All that I would wish is that I hadn’t seen any and I hadn’t known any.