Sunday, 29 January 2012

Finding Hope

Yet again, another year has arrived and little did we know how much we have wasted good real times. Some have had fun times, being responsible in their own field of course. For some, this past year had been nothing fertile but just a passing. A wasted past. Discouragement not intended, however, what a lost! I presume if one simply couldn’t remember a day or two of useful times. By useful times I mean those times of the year where one spend searching for happiness in the eyes of thousands lives without jeopardizing other’s same. This is where one is happy; happiness is where we find it, hardly where we seek it and if we had a day without being hurt or without hurting anyone; no loss; no regrets; what a great awesome day we’ve had!!. It’s all about happiness, though what harsher times we have to spend searching for the same. Erstwhile, let our spirit be enlightened in Hope.
Like any other January first’s of the year, a fasting ceremony begins our year- A tradition followed by many Christian families. Here, one cleanses their sins of the past; bestowing forgiveness and asking the same if one had any. With absolute purity one need to enter the year. So, decidedly, I and my family prepare ourselves for the best all for the new coming. We are not fanatical or any of that entities; we are simply a believer. Good things are what we are taught and good things we learn no matter if we believe or not- It’s a personal choice. But, we appreciate the source for all the goodness.
By this ceremony, we prepares our heart to be humble and more phenomenon, it’s a fervent request to our creator to establish our life in deliverance; to open a path of prosperity and that, this new course of time be passed in an ambient of pure joy and happiness. This is the first step where we build our Hope. Hope is where our faith lies and in faith, we often are triumphant no matter if results are as we have expected.
Many would say that Hope is for the weak but, I beg to differ from the many; Hope, definitely won’t bring any fortune of illusion, neither hope brings miracle. Hope, which I believe, is a state of mind and heart; Hope humbles ones heart. In humbleness, we stand pure to all evil and knowing mistakes are hardly committed. Hope brings satisfaction into us, enlightening our spirit and we begin there for a new start. While in hope, we preserve the quality of humility- what can we seek for more!
A big part of cultivating Hope is learning to love each other inspite of expectations that aren’t met. In the greatest part on my life, I had spent hoping for the best and still, in Hope I Hope.