Monday, 24 October 2011

Beautiful Corpse!

Am not crazy thus far if one reads the title, it’s a little noxious term for something that is pitiful. But let me tell you something about me and my feelings which many have came across and many will most definitely in the futuristic time.
Changes are impeccable at any moment and particularly those changes that arrives with a void after a close friend or family leaves us for eternity. I don’t like changes for sure and I pray it won’t come for whatever reason, but that’s just a wish and not a conclusion.  Well about ‘Beautiful Corpse’- a lifeless figure of one that is close enough to tremble our world. It’s not a corpse after all or I don’t want to say it that way. But whatever it is, well it’s not coming back ever again and all that is left is memories; sweeter the memories, harder to accept the lost. All that I would wish is that I hadn’t seen any and I hadn’t known any.

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