Monday, 14 November 2011

Winter Homecoming

A chill is finally in the air, begins are the old habits. Parents make their children downy and old folks gather around the flickering fire, narrating tales of their own so much in such details. The smell of smoke with the echoes of the elderly sounds brings pure joy, more warmth in the air-what a wonderful feeling!. The birds are in the sky going to a suitable place, searching for a new home singing good riddance for now, thus welcoming the classic winter for its homecoming.
The dawn is slowly breaking; some neighbors are going home and some friends have gone home too .But, I will be here waiting, hoping for joy and lighting the neighborhood. The year’s hard-works are ending; its time to take rest from the hectics of life, materials and the season has just arrived to heal all things that are tiring, sorrowful and all tears of foretaste of rapture to come. For, the winds of Celebrations have arrived to remind us of all great things in life that are nothing but pure and divine.  Let us all come together in songs of joy and harmony, lets forget sadness for a moment; gather around, warm ourselves in the fire place, Peace and goodwill be with everyone.
Happy Winter
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Silent Broken

A chance to hear your voice again,
Always longing behind the walls.
silence is what i hear,
Yet the walls are sounding.
Laying in repose,
Yet heart's pounding.
sees your face in the crowd,
Hoping it is you-what a shame!
All i have but bitter sweet memories,
Is what i taste.
Only in hope I endure,
And only the wind knows.
Dear wind, tell my beloved what you hear.

Draconian sympathizer

The fear of power is the beginning of all riots-this is what is analogous to AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) and its entirety, applied to North Eastern states and J&K. A special Political creation for special people?  Why can’t there be other solution that might just elaborate the emotional needs of a one that is called as a citizen? I am sure there is definitely a different solution to the situations what is blatantly referred to as ‘unrest or instability in the states’; all I see is more unrest and instability after AFSPA incorporation. Even before life takes away innocence, many innocents are killed just out of curiosity that he/she may be ‘Dangerous’ and all because of Power, to safeguard Power itself.
Well, to safeguard power is one but, for what?
To be more powerful?
Against whom?
I want to live a life with no fear for another being and sit about anywhere I wanted to without being asked any questions. I am a citizen and I love to be one.
People trust Power and the knowledge that it can do good for us; but in the perspective of AFSPA, are we missing something? I am not sure but We trust and obey. What more, than FEAR.