Friday, 30 March 2012

God is still on time

Looks can be deceiving and faith can be tiring. I trust God as much as I trust myself, may be because I don’t lose anything by trusting Him?-this is my mind telling me as I write. It’s a shame, but I’ll recover anyway. Humans are really annoying, we are annoying. We know God is just, so is our attitude toward Him and the rest of six billion humans-what they think of you doesn’t really matter. And it should not really matter as well.  In today’s world, trust is a technical term. Our trust toward others has become a mere retrospective of our experience that once we had, basing on it we decide whom to trust. One is simply intimidated less he lends in trouble in the already biased life of his. As you read, you are thinking at this point-what rubbish! I know. But let me tell you, I really don’t think much in the decision-making about whom to trust. It’s a free will. Just give out. You would never know the results of any if you didn’t start at all! The initial cost of trusting others is zero; you need nothing but ‘you’ alone and who says that we will always be triumph at all time- if you are thinking so then ‘rubbish’ is the word now, have it.

You lose nothing as well as you gain nothing. If you are anticipating returns, then, trust is not the correct term, business is; and in business you lose and gain too. Yes, everything is about and has become business. There is little or no space for humanity, it is vanishing. Trust has become obsolete in the larger aspect. But, there is sunny side if we look insight of us; after all we are not that bad in person. Of course we are not, remember, God made us in His own image! Even if you want to rejoice like a punk who boast to be a villain in delusional escapade, you are not bad a person-acknowledge that please. Much to our surprise, trusting others fervently does not end well sometimes, this is when forgiveness comes. Remember, forgiveness is a gift to your-self, not to others. But, what happens when we hope in trust?  This time, it is not of humans but of God. When the world crushes you in, you are fighting a battle of fear and you’ve cried to God, ‘I need you now’, but He has not appeared; don’t be discouraged at all, God is the same. May be it is you and I that is hammering our own path. God is still on time and always will be. God knows when we be rescued, in the mean time He is rescuing others so, lets just wait in trust, He will come for sure.

But, our job is not done yet. Where is our trust, our time for others? I must say again, we are annoying. We want to be rescued by God because He is our only hope, for we have built no trust to anyone that someday we could rely on-not that we trust others to be rescued, an investment sort. Lets be clear with the principle-Energy can neither be created not be destroyed… the world hates you because you hate them-give and take. The energy we used to malign ultimately comes back to us. It’s our mistake, human mistake. And please, time is running out, high time (or the time is gone) to built your trust genuinely so that, you start well to end well. Let’s not just await God’s blessing; God will only provide what we provide. Illusion will never happen. We even buy blessings you know that. Help yourself for the time being. Things do not really contribute to our timely wants and needs when it comes down to God, even if we were always the ‘good guys’; Don’t be discouraged, God is still on time to raise your salary or anything that matters. But, time is far more phenomenon than any. So, timely adjust your belt while you take a ride and trust.


  1. Wow..wht do i say? This is a "Dear God"...Yours faithfully- your Bhakth - post.

    Liked your tone of the post- i speaks what you have in mind. Message is clear and more importantly with Non Slang Language ( rare to find these days)

    1 small suggestion, please space the Paras, it will aid easier reading.

    1. Dear Miss, am glad that you gave a reading. Thank you and thank you again for the suggestion.

  2. Great one dude. I love all your writings, but at some point of time ,why don't you try humour.. but certainly love your philosophical thoughts.

  3. So great. Thanks for your post. Could I put our website about gifts here? Many thanks! Anw, very happy to be your newest follower