Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Beauty Of Two

         God obviously didn’t create Eve only later just for fun or to surprise Adam after a long wait. He knew that only one is no good for sure. God created all things for Adam to cherish, embrace and rejoice in it but whom to express with?
The expression of love is now complete through a connection of two by Eve; the expression of God’s divine Love and the Adam’s own love to Eve- never heard their love story though.
This is of-course just my opinion, but certainly and surely there is a principle of connectivity in this; one that is valid to any kind of relationship.
Imagine a life of bitter-sweet no matter how harsh or a happy one without actually having anyone to share with. The thought is irrelevant, as such is hardly an issue. But there are moments in our life that we must consider for a retrospective ruling of our own. Moments will arrive for sure. I have no rulings, neither any potion to suddenly create an illusion partner out of nowhere to start the sharing but needless to say, this is just my thought and may sound detrimental to some who hasn’t yet conform to such times. But, I recall, the idea of ‘one and one’ makes a simple singly two is 
amicably beautiful in sound, in soul.
Our life is never complete without the ‘third person’ as in grammar. It’s all about loneliness and friendliness, many of us has both but the later is not desired for obvious reasons. Staying in both or otherwise stagnated in between is worse again. Two is good, so choosing rather helps. But it is just not that easy like we say it. The battle isn’t finished yet, the bug doesn’t stop there and the course of battle seems to change in a split second with unrelenting millions of circumstances paving the path of our life-the trouble begins. But, lets leave it for the future itself; farer future.
Two is better, I mean why not two instead of one! This is analogy of relationships, not meaning figuratively or cash wise. The former sounds good but the later in terms of population is exhausting; not that one cannot have friends more than two-rubbish: or there is no good reason that one should marry to more than two-again rubbish. The examples are overwhelming and overflowing and it seems I am deviating from the topic itself. Please retain your wisdom for the best. All I want to stress was that, life seems fun, secured for a ‘two’ and the beauty of possessing the quality of sharing whole heartedly with one another is simply godliness as well as goodliness if done in cleanliness!

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